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As aromatherapy becomes ever more popular, it’s easy to get confused about what oils are ok to put on your skin, what you can take internally (surprised?), whether the brand matters (it does), how to use the oils, and what you can expect them to do. Not to worry - whether you’re a naturalist, minimalist or modern day convenience seeker... a novice or looking to deepen your understanding, we’re here to make it simple!

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    Sharing the wisdom of essential oils~

When you choose the right essential oil for a given situation, you are rewarded with results.  
The big-picture question is-
“Who is making your oils?”.  The answer to this question can be the deciding factor in whether you get the results you want.

We use and teach exclusively about Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and we have sound reasons for our loyalty to them (starting with the fact that they work, and not excluding the fact that teaching about them is part of our livelihood!).

Young Living oversees every point of the process, from  “Seed” to “Seal” , providing the highest quality.

The questions of what oils can be used for which applications, which ones can be taken internally, and so forth, can be answered only after the manufacturer is known.  Here’s why:seed_to_seal.htmllearn_to_discern.html

Everybody can benefit from including essential oils in their daily routine.  Here’s just a sampling of why: (more in the picture box links above)

Body to ease pain, to help wounds heal faster, to fight infection and protect from illness, get a better night’s sleep...

Mind to achieve clarity and focus, to release old trauma, to ease depression or anxiety, to cope with stress...

Spirit to align with your spiritual self, to go deeper in spiritual practices, to enhance yoga, prayer, meditation, intention...

Environment (home, office, play space) to replace toxic cleaning and bodycare products, to eliminate mold, to purify and freshen air, to create an environment with whatever “mood” you want to convey... check out the new diffusers in action.

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DISCLAIMER                                                                                                                                                                                   Any information applies to Young Living Essential Oils only ~ quality matters ~ in safety and results. The information and classes we provide are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe. It is your responsibility to address your health needs with your physician and seek professional help when you need it. We practice and teach "self-responsibility" as such we encourage you to apply your own best judgement when professional help is needed.



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